Fischer Custom Cabinets Ltd.


“Our sincere thanks to you and your entire team. From the very beginning of the design phase to the final finishing touches of the installation, your team exceeded our expectations. The workmanship and cabinetry is both beautiful and functional. No detail was overlooked. When we realized we had made a mistake in where we finished our cabinets, you responded immediately and recognized the urgency of doing the measurements literally within a half hour of our phoning you to avoid delaying the completion of our home. This was at a very critical moment in the flow of work and your response was phenomenal. In addition to the kitchen, the transitional wall unit is fabulous and the kitchen table that you designed and built is a showpiece.

In an open concept home, the kitchen is front and center. You were able to assimilate the functionality that we wanted with a design that is truly spectacular. Perhaps, one of the most impressive aspects of working with you, was your lack of ego. You created and yet you always were attentive to the suggestions of our designers and us. It truly became a team effort. You were able to see our vision, and turn our dream into a reality that we never really believed would be as amazing as it is.

Thank you.”

Ivy, Newmarket

“This is what I was thinking on the way to work today. I was thinking we have the perfect kitchen.

Thanks for doing such a fine and detailed job.”

Carol, Stouffville

“Michael and I had a very interesting experience I'd like to share with you. Recently, some friends of ours were over at our home for a dinner party. They were in the process of building a new house and complimented me on my beautiful kitchen. I told them I had moved into a kitchen which was not functional (and was ugly) and that Arden saved the day with a great design and a beautifully crafted set of cabinetry. Lo and behold, she said to me....... Arden who???? I said Arden Fischer of Fischer Custom Cabinetry and she almost fainted. She told me that you were the person doing her cabinetry and that she was looking forward to her new home with great anticipation.

On Saturday night, we were at their home for dinner and I got to see your handy work once again. GORGEOUS!! They love their cabinetry, love their home and love Fischer for giving them a beautiful kitchen. We spent lots of time sharing our kitchen experiences and she raved about you and the whole Fischer team as I did as well! It's so nice to see a nice person (with integrity) doing so well. Bravo!”

Julie, Richmond Hill

“Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying my new office space. Not only is it stunningly beautiful, it is also extremely functional. I love it!”

Colleen, Newmarket